Laser Exchange has introduced an exciting program called Advanced Print Management (APM)

This program has been designed to increase productivity and at the same time reduce costs for your business. We also want to remove the headache of you attempting to manage hardware, service and consumables on your own.

Many companies are simply unaware as to how much they spend on their office machine fleet and associated consumables. The first step required is an in-depth assessment of all costs to gain an accurate understanding of your company’s requirements.

Here are the five steps we take to deliver an APM program that will work for you:

1) Assessment

The assessment is broken up into two specific parts.

Our first job is to provide you with a questionnaire that will gather specific information about your current fleet and workflow needs.

The second part of the assessment is to use a specialised software assessment tool to register the existence of all your print devices and glean information like page counts and usage patterns.

These two facets are combined to allow Laser Exchange to compile an assessment report that covers details on device usage, consumables, current costs and other information.


2) Results

Once we have been able to complete this assessment we will provide a detailed report tailored to your specific individual requirements.

We will be able to provide you with a breakdown of the cost of each machine by month and also cost per page. Colour and monochrome costings are also separated to provide a more accurate picture of your overall situation.


3) Provide a Solution        

After gaining an understanding of your current printer costs we work closely with you to provide the most appropriate and effective solution.

As we are brand independent, we are able to provide a solution tailored specifically for you and you are not forced into a particular brand or type of device that could be expensive or unsuitable.


4) Work with You

Once the agreement is confirmed we will implement your tailored solution and commence ongoing monitoring of your equipment. This means we will be able to accurately predict consumable requirements and also identify when machines are due for scheduled service.

We manage the entire process for you which means no more contacting of multiple vendors and suppliers. As previously stated; our job is to remove this headache for you.


5) Optimise Performance

A critical part of making this program work is continued follow up. The software assessment tools previously mentioned can be redeployed on a quarterly basis to inform you of trends, workflow and total usage patterns.

Laser Exchange recognises that workflows or workforce are going to change over time. A regular pattern of follow up is vital to ensure you continue to get value from the APM solution provided. Our aim is to provide you with increased efficiency by being your sole provider which means that everything can be sorted via one source.


Call us on 089 3281400 to organise an appointment or email – let us know how we can help you take control of your fleet and print costs.